Short Bio


Hello, and welcome to my homepage!

I am currently a CNRS researcher at COMPASS lab (UMI 3254), a joint laboratory CNRS/Solvay/UPenn based in Bristol and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I am a French CNRS researcher, performing academic research within Solvay, where I work in close collaboration with US professors at UPENN (Yodh, Durian, Murray) and at other universities (Torquato, Seeman, Chaikin). I hold a PhD from University Pierre et Marie Curie in Physics of Fluids where I worked on creating swimming micromachines from colloids. After my PhD, I joined the research effort at New York University led by Paul Chaikin, David Pine and Nadrian Seeman to create self-replicating structures made of colloids. After my postdoc, I joined the COMPASS lab. My research has been carried out both on fundamental and an applied science levels. I have been devoted to cross-disciplinary topics including fluid mechanics, colloidal science, optics and microscopy, and statistical mechanics.

If you click on the gallery of movies below, it will lead you to my Research page, where I describe shortly some of my past and ongoing research efforts.

Purcell swimmer